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Welcome to A Life on Purpose. Literally. I hope this is a welcome to you starting or continuing, to live a life on purpose. Not by accident. Not because it’s expected of you. On purpose.

Most people live by the default option – get a job, buy a house, fill it full of things, give the world the best impression of you and yours, maybe have kids and move to a bigger home (twice), keep working until you are in your mid to late ’60s and then stop and hopefully things will be ok.

But most default options suck. They aren’t the best options. And they never suit “you”. Because “you” are different. Your personality, aspirations, desires, values, and opinions are different from EVERYONE else. Some things match, but not everything. Living A Life on Purpose is about taking action to live a purposeful life that gives you the best one you can. Because you only get one. So let’s not fuck it up.

Most of the writing on here is done by Drew, but we will be looking to open to guest authors all the time so that you can different perspectives. We can all learn from different people! But we are starting with Drew because this is mostly what has learned, achieved, and put in place.  And they have worked.  He is doing WELL.  Really fucking well in fact.

You can use this blog by following a specific subject or just the whole thing to see what you learn. Once we get to it, we will try to pull together a best-of, or intro set or something. We haven’t done this yet, sorry.

The blog covers 4 areas where we think you could act with purpose. Areas where you can take ownership of your activities, actions, and decisions. And they happen to be four areas where we know a little bit…… 

Money is a way of thinking about how you take responsibility for, sets goals, and act around your money.  The Money Roadmap is here, and is my FI:RE plan – have a read and you will understand. 

Minimalism is a method for thinking about the things that are in, that come in, and that stay in your world. And “things” can be very broad, not just the number of pairs of shoes you own or have hidden away! 

Sustainability is how we interact with the world, the impacts we have, and what we can do about them. Now, it has to be said that my version of sustainability, especially the environmental part, is quite “light green”. I think we can all have a lower impact, I am 100% positive that we can all make a difference, but I am not convinced we need to completely remove any footprint from the planet. So if you are looking for hard-core, zero impact advice, this probably won’t be what you find. Sorry, that is not my flavor of green.  But hopefully, this can help you on the journey, and you can go deeper from there if you really want to.

Career is about work, and it’s mostly how to build a career. I’ll share the learning and tools that I used, going from a total fuck up in my mid-twenties to a Director of a multibillion-pound international business in my 30’s. Which I hope you will agree is pretty good progress! And hopefully, others will share their stories as well once we get going.

So, settle in and take a read – there is a growing amount of information, and it gets added to every week, and we find more things we love and would love to point you to.