Sustainability Roadmap

When I wrote the Minimalism Roadmap, I thought it was a hard one to do. Then I tried to write this one, and hell, I found myself a real challenge! How do you give people an achievable, useful, and realistic roadmap to living a more sustainable life? And while doing that not make them (1) want to punch you in the mouth, or (2) not want to quit modern life, move to a smallholding and make their own clothes from hemp cloth? Not so simples. By the way, the second is ok if you really want to do it, but the first one will definitely get you punched back! Just sayin’

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Why Career, Sustainability, Minimalism and FI:RE?

May 2020 Drew

There are lots of blogs out there on the world wide t’internet that cover one of these four subjects.  There are also a couple of them in the deepest corners that cover a couple of them together.  And there are none (that I can find) that look at three, never mind all four of these subjects.  So why I am trying to?  Because to some people it may seem a bit nuts. Here’s why…

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What shade of green?

25/04/2020 Drew

One of the aspects of life where we can act with purpose is our impact on the world.  I know, that is a pretty bloody big aspect of life.  But by world, I mean taking responsibility for our environment and the impact you have on it.  Things like charity and philanthropy get covered in the FI:RE part of this blog, community gets picked up in the Minimalism section.  This section is about the land, the air, the water and nature.  Our natural environment.  The shit that keeps us alive.  It’s kinda important.

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Introduction to Minimalism

19/04/2020 Drew Ed

Ryan and Josh, the minimalists.
The OG Minimalists – see their awsome site right here!

For 50 years the western world, and now most of the planet who followed its lead has been driven by a model of consumption, ownership, and replacement of “things”.  And in that same half-century, there has been a significant increase in dissatisfaction with life, a loss of sense of self, and a decrease in the quality of mental health.  We all desire things we don’t need, bought with money we don’t have but try to get by doing jobs we don’t like or borrowing.  While we are chasing the holy dollar (or whatever currency you have) we have lost connection to people, places, and what really matters. Forgotten what makes us happy.

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