Introduction to Minimalism

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19/04/2020 Drew Ed

Ryan and Josh, the minimalists.
The OG Minimalists – see their awsome site right here!

For 50 years the western world, and now most of the planet who followed its lead has been driven by a model of consumption, ownership, and replacement of “things”.  And in that same half-century, there has been a significant increase in dissatisfaction with life, a loss of sense of self, and a decrease in the quality of mental health.  We all desire things we don’t need, bought with money we don’t have but try to get by doing jobs we don’t like or borrowing.  While we are chasing the holy dollar (or whatever currency you have) we have lost connection to people, places, and what really matters. Forgotten what makes us happy.

Minimalism is a way of thinking and acting that helps you start to move away from that hamster wheel of consumption.  Have a look at the “What minimalism is to me” post to see how our writers describe it in a little more detail.

But in simple terms, it’s about finding a way to break the desire for lots more things. It’s a way of reducing what you have, so what you have is what you need. And helps you stop refilling that gap. And once you have done with “stuff” and “things”, you can use the same thinking to look at a lot more aspects of your life. We will explore this all more in other posts. The start of all this joy is in my Minimalist Roadmap.

Part of this website is a resource for learning about a few things, what they are, how they can help, and what comes next.  Hopefully, you can see how those subjects we write about link together and affect each other. Minimalism is one of those things that can help take some of the rubbish out of your life, identify what matters, and help you focus on a better future. With purpose. Because living “on purpose” means you aren’t just floating through life, a victim of whatever is expected of you.

So come in, sit down, stay awhile.  Enjoy some typical British cosiness, our version of hygge or langom.  We aren’t going to mandate you to live with 49 possessions, paint your walls white, wear a single colour, and eat the same meal every day. Although I can introduce you to people who do all those things if you really want that….

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