What shade of green?

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25/04/2020 Drew

One of the aspects of life where we can act with purpose is our impact on the world.  I know, that is a pretty bloody big aspect of life.  But by world, I mean taking responsibility for our environment and the impact you have on it.  Things like charity and philanthropy get covered in the FI:RE part of this blog, community gets picked up in the Minimalism section.  This section is about the land, the air, the water and nature.  Our natural environment.  The shit that keeps us alive.  It’s kinda important.

Why should we care?  Why should we take purposeful action?

Firstly, its 2020 when I write this, and for fucks sake, seriously?  You need any explanation of this?  Where have you been the last 40 years while this conversation developed?

Well, you can have a quick explanation, but that is it.  I will throw a few links below this if you want to read any more.  We should care because it is everything.  Literally everything.  Everything you use, everything you eat or drink.  Everything that keeps you alive.  Everything around you.  Everything is reliant on the environment.  Everything starts somewhere in the environment – the sea, the soil, the air or something that grows in it or on it. 

Everything and everyone requires our environment to thrive.  Want to eat, drink and have air to breathe?  Environment.   It’s pretty damn important.

And that’s why we should give a shit – it’s not only about everything for us, now.  It’s about our kids, and their kids and their kids and so on.  And the people and kids of those people on the other side of the world we never meet. Because like it or not, we are all basically the same and on the same planet.  Same environment peoples.

Now, I am not an eco-warrior.  I fact I am quite light green in my environmental beliefs.  I still eat meat.  I still drive a car.  I buy things, use gas and electricity from the grid.  I don’t spend my life campaigning for environmental causes.  If you are looking advice to go vegan or how to become an Extinction Rebellion / glue yourself to a bus level of campaigner then this won’t be a place you get a lot.  I think there is a balance to be had between living a good life and leaving a sustainable planet.  Its not easy, and its not the way that the rich west sets us up to live, but it is achievable without a lot of suffering.

But let’s be clear, this is an area I know a lot about.  Like A LOT.  Its mostly what I have been getting paid for over the last 20 years.  A big part of my university education, my undergrad degree.  My professional membership, my jobs all the way up to Director of an international business who focussed on sustainability.  I know this shit.

What I want to do is try to share some understanding and knowledge.  Some actions that you can take. Give you (quite) a few things to think about.  And I really want to show how environment can fit in with minimalism, FI:RE and your career to all come together to help you live a life on purpose.

As always, this isn’t about making life hard.  Its about making it as good as it can be – rewarding, interesting, the best version of YOUR life.


A bit more technical explanation can be found here

BBC bitesize lesson

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